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020 520 1060 info@onuafrancisschool.com


Opposite Triple X Kasoa, Ghana


07:30 - 19:00 Monday to Friday

Teaching and Learning Facilities

The availability of teaching and learning facilities in schools makes teaching and learning very easier. Learners are able to properly understand what they are being taught if they see and have a feel of it. Below are some of the teaching and learning facilities in Onua.

Library & Reading Area

Reading is key to the acquisition of knowledge. Onua has two main libraries i.e. a preschool library with collections for children between 2 years to 5 years. The main library also has thousands of books for preteens and teens.

Students are free to borrow books from the library and visit there regularly.

ICT Laboratory

Onua provides modern Information and Communication Technology facilities, services, and support to enhance the learning and administrative aims of the school.

The modernized ICT Lab has an internet facility to support research work.

Spacious Classrooms with Television Set

Every classroom at Onua has a flat panel television which is used to project/present lessons to learners.

This makes it easier for learners to see exactly what they are being taught. The classrooms at Onua are very spacious with a limited class size of 25.

State-of-the-art playing ground

We have a well-fenced playing ground for our learners. The preschool department has its own playing ground. There is a swimming pool for our students to take swimming lessons. Some of the facilities at the playing ground include; trampoline, merry-go-round, child jungle, etc.


Onua has a well-stocked bookshop that sells varieties of books.

Parents do not have to stress themselves looking for books and other learning material;

Other School Facilities

Aside our numerous teaching and learning facilities, there are facilities that complement teaching and learning and ensure the learner is happy and safe. Below are some of our other facilities.

Boarding Facilities

Onua has boarding facilities for both boys and girls. The ultramodern boarding facilities are manned by responsible and selfless caretakers who have the interest of the student at heart. The boarding house is open for all chidlren.

Shuttle Service

We have fleet of cars that ply the roots of Kasoa and its immediate environment. No matter your distance, there’s always an Onua driver to pick you up.

Infirmary (Sickbay):

Onua has a well-resourced infirmary which is manned by a registered nurse who resides on campus. We strongly believe that children can only learn if they are in good health. The health and welfare of our students is our major priority.


To ensure our learners and staff are safe, Onua has outsourced the services of expert security officers. Again, there are CCTV cameras in each class and at every corner of the school to monitor the movement of students, teachers and visitors

On-Campus Teachers Accommodation

70% of our teachers and other support staff are resident on campus. This makes it easier for them to attend to the needs of the students in the boarding house.

Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular activities are activities pursued outside the classroom. Extracurricular activities complement the teaching and learning carried out in the classroom. Below are some of the extracurricular activities offered in Onua

Sports (Soccer, Table Tennis, Basketball, Swimming, Volleyball, Ludo, Draughtboard etc.)

Arts (Writers and Debaters, Drama Club, Choreography, Music and Dance Club, Cultural Group etc.)

Cadet: Regimental band