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020 520 1060 info@onuafrancisschool.com


Opposite Triple X Kasoa, Ghana


07:30 - 19:00 Monday to Friday


About Onua Francis International School, Kasoa

Onua Francis International School was established in August 2019 with a core mandate to become a world-class educational institute that provides solid basic education for younger children. Our teaching staff is made up of graduates from recognized tertiary institutions all over the world.

Our institution creates an avenue for our co-curriculum activities to blossom, and as a result, there are a host of programs and activities that cater for children of all divers spectrum.

As a growing world-class basic school, Onua seeks to provide the following services to meet the growing demands of the world.

Employ the child-centered approach of teaching and learning: By employing the child-centered approach, students are able to build their confidence and self-esteem.

At Onua, we encourage our students to take learning into their own hands, as opposed to being directed or prompted by a teacher. Pupils take responsibility for making choices about what they will learn and explore.

Our spacious classrooms also have a limited class size of 20 students with a main teacher and an assisting teacher at the pre-school to lower primary level.


At Onua, we encourage the use of World Standard Teaching and Learning methods (Audiovisual Aids).

In our quest to provide a world class basic education, Onua Francis Int. School has integrated the Audio-visual method of teaching and learning where projectors, television sets, laptops etc. are used in teaching in all classes. Each classroom has a television set which is connected to the internet.

This enables the kids to interact with their counterparts outside Ghana with exciting world class programs. Students at Onua are encouraged to use Audio-visual gadget in presenting assignments and also further their studies in their various homes.

Because of the use of audiovisual aids in teaching, Onua Francis Int. School employs teachers who hold a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree and with a computer background.

Ultra-Modern Boarding and Lodging facilities: Onua has ultra-modern boarding and lodging facilities for students and staff. The rooms at the dormitories (both boys and girls) are spacious and well furnished.


Quality Health Care: As the old saying goes “Health is wealth”. At Onua Francis, we prioritize the health of our students and staff. We have a modern infirmary with a qualified and registered nurse who resides in the school to provide health care services to students and staff. We also have an affiliation with a well-recognized hospital that provides instant health services for our students.

Security services: The safety and security of our children is 100% assured. Modern CCTV cameras have been installed in all the classrooms and the school compound of 16 plots of lands with professional security agents on guard everywhere.

Transportation Services: Onua has a fleet of air-conditioned buses that picks and drops students at their doorsteps with bus attendants that assist the student in boarding and alighting from the buses. Our buses plight all route in Kasoa and its environs.

Canteen Services: Onua has a well-furnished kitchen with qualified staff that prepares nutritious food in a hygienic condition for the students. We provide a two-course meal for the day students and a three-course meal for boarders.



Admission is open for pupils from Crèche to JHS. We are open to admit students irrespective of their religion, race, social and economic background. Admission is open for both boys and girls between the ages of 1 1⁄2 years to 16years.

Parents can opt to admit their wards as day or boarding students. Admission forms can be picked from the school’s front desk or printed online and filled with student details and parent basic information.

The school fees is very moderate and affordable. The fees for tuition, boarding, feeding and transport can be assessed at the admission portal.



To be a world-class basic school known for its professionalism in educational
service delivery by leveraging modern technology with a child-centered approach.



In order to achieve the vision of Onua Francis Int. School, we shall embark on the following mission:

Engage professional staff that will be willing to acts professionally in all service delivery eschewing personal interest but the child-centered approach in the performance of duties.

Employ modern technology in our service delivery and connect to other world institutions with similar visions.

Employ a child-centered approach in teaching and learning with technology at its best.

Teach children to be more disciplined, bold, respectful, and fearless and adopt effective and efficient ways of interacting with peers and elders.

Adopt effective and efficient means of communication with stakeholders using modern technological advancements.

Provide ultramodern boarding and Lodging facilities for students and provide suitable transportation service for the day students.

Provide excellent or modern infrastructure developments comparable to non in Ghana that will enable the school to attract students from all over the world.

Provide a conducive environment that promotes learning and research with beautiful surroundings, leveraging on locational advantage.

Provide a world security system and gadgets that will protect students and staff from any form of hazard.

Motivate staff to offer their best in handling school affairs and have the children at heart in all their dealings.

Be socially responsible and encourage cultural exchanges that will promote the well-being of the children.

Be a team player in the development of the society and the country and employ a strong relationship approach in executing its core mandate.

Encourage children to explore and use their God given talents and skills in all endeavors such as music, sports, cultural artistic, religious incarnation, leadership traits, etc. Catch them young approach to talents development will be employed.

Open the doors for suggestions and recommendations by stakeholders and accept innovative ideas that will promote growth.

Admit all children but with various degree of behavioral caution in mind we shall mould the children to be responsive to motherhood upbringing.


Onua Francis International School is located on the Kasoa-Winneba road opposite Triple X, Buduburam. For location details,